What services do you provide?

I provide an experience. Each experience is different with every person I meet. I create genuine bonds/connections with each individual that can not be replicated or imitated, as everybody is different. What I will and won’t do depends on compatibility, comfort, and personal hygiene. I’m a go with the flow kind of girl. I enjoy both private and social outings. I don’t have a “menu” as I am not a restaurant. Please don’t ask about “services”, or send me a list of random acronyms, as I will most likely just disregard your email.

I am a low volume provider that does not and WILL not meet just anyone. So.. if all you're in need of is a quick meet or cheap date I may not be your woman. I am most certainly not the wham, bam, thank you ma'am' type of lady.


IF you are in search of a GFE experience, kink session, dinner date, sugar daddy/baby arrangement or a general more intimate, discreet, and personalized encounter.... I may be your cup of tea! 

Are you my cup of chamomile with honey and a drop of lemon? Well I choose to meet men, women and couples that are kind and respectful. That is priority. Good hygiene and discretion is also importation for me and for you. Anything I expect from you you can expect of me in return. 


What is your screening & booking policy?

Before meeting, I only require that you share your name with me and that we have a conversation on the phone. Expect me to ask you questions. I do not ask anything too personal, and I don't expect you to disclose anything you're not comfortable sharing. I like to get to know a little bit about what you're looking for before we meet and dislike suprises in the way of expectations. 


If you choose to provide a reference I will connect with the provider, this isn't required for me to meet you but considerate! I am newbie friendly (21+ only).


Do you offer Outcall, Incall, or a social experience?

I host incalls at my private apartment in Olympia, WA. I prefer incall the first time meeting. Alternatively, we may meet at your hotel, go out to lunch/dinner, or any other public setting. Please note, I have a social rate, as all donations are for my time, regardless of the circumstances.

How long does it take to respond to emails/messages? 

I usually respond to emails within 24 hours. I do not respond to emails/booking requests which are vague, vulgar, brief, incomplete, or last minute. More common than not, I will not be able to accommodate requests made on short notice. Rarely would I be able to cater to a day-of appointment, and only to an already established client.

May I use you as a reference? 

I don’t mind sharing… If I’ve met with you at least once recently (within the last 3 months), I would be happy to let you use me as a reference. To avoid any delay or confusion, please ask before listing me. I give honest opinions. Be the person you want me to perceive you as.


Any pet peeves I should know about? 

I feel it’s pretty common sense, but upon arrival please be freshly showered, with minty fresh breath. If you are visiting me I will offer you a shower and refreshments. Please take advantage. Nothing kills the mood more than poor hygiene. 

Being overly intoxicated on any sort of substance is a no-no. I’m not very good at hiding it when I’m irritated or upset. Please be respectful of my boundaries. Any behavior that causes me to feel disrespected, uncomfortable, or unsafe will end our time together.

When contacting me, please do not make offers. I have donation amounts that are set. Also I think it's incredibly disrespectful to ask "what's your special, can you give me a special, can you do a qv." I do not respond to those messages. 

How did I start as a provider do you ask?

In college I began working as a phone sex operator which made me comfortable talking about sex and I was also able to explore my own sexuality at this time. I studied abroad in Europe where sex is not as culturally taboo, that incredible experience gave me an even deeper appreciation for human connection and pleasure. I also have experience being a sugar baby. I have always had a deeply curious spirit and inquisitive mind to learn from others and the world around me. Connecting with people in this way is a form of beauty and self expression. I am happy to meet with the right people.


Do you see couples/women?

I definitely enjoy a ménage à trois. If you and your partner think we would have good chemistry, I encourage you to shoot me a text or email. I adore women, thus am also happy to meet with females individually.

Why choose Sweetheart Courtney as your companion?

With anything I do, I put my full heart and attention to it and YOU. For me this is about a meaningful connection. Even if it's just an hour we are spending together, I want it to be an experience that you will enjoy. I am here to be with you in a personalized way, it's more than a transaction to me. There's a reason you reached out to me...there's a reason you're looking. Tell me why, let's discuss. You can talk to me about whatever you want really. As long as you're respectful let's talk about your fantasies, let's explore, let's relieve tension. This is normal and natural to me. No judgement will ever be cast by me for anything you enjoy, like, or follow. Message me and we can chat to see if we have a connection :)