About Me

Invest your time in a real, genuine and rewarding connection. Accept nothing less than a memorable and refreshing embrase with a freeeing sense of excitement that only a provider with a true passion will guide you through. Someone such as myself. My name is Courtney and I'd be honored to make your aquaintance.


Please allow me to introduce myself: A delightful charm of feminity, standing five foot four inches, I boast a sensual curvy full figure blessed with an extraordinary peach. This natural beauty begins from within and radiates out. I welcome you to witness the core of my character; a purposeful woman who is sharp, aware, and educated. Whose eyes pierce, smile shines, and whose mind is complex and capable. As firey as I am friendly, I am organically honest, attentive and engaging. I offer a balanced supply of quick and kind.


I am a phone sex operator and very kink, fet and role play ready. If you seek someone who is genuine, creative, and sexually experienced look no further. I have immense appreciation for all of Earth's diverse and quique incarnations of people and gladly embrace all bodies and orientations. I am fully independent, professional and discreet. I can offer hourly rates, sugar daddy/baby, the full girlfriend experience or high class escorting.

A cultivator of hedonism and carnal adventures; I want to be the one that takes your fantasies and makes them reality. Let me inspire your wildest desires. As I explore more of myself, I've found that I'm far more in tune with both my and general human sensuality. I will endeavour to show you an experience that is uniquely my own. Let me be your best kept secret and together we can explore all the mysteries of the world and its glory together. I am a companion in the truest sense - down to earth, caring, affectionate.


I seek deep, passionate connections, and I aim to be your escape from the mundane. A woman with a carefree nature and zest for intellectual conversation, I find that I am either in the midst of laughter, spirited discussion, or embraces that require no words at all. 


An intrepid, globe-trotting playmate and so much more than appearances let on. Nothing excites me more than recounting tales of past travel or gushing about plans for upcoming adventures. I've been told that my best attribute is my effervescent personality- that I lead with my heart and as such, I strive to ensure your comfort from the moment we meet until our last embrace. I consider myself to be multi-faceted. As an empath, I really enjoy making others feel great. Regardless if it’s a sensual or fetish session I like making my play partners feel cared for, touched, appreciated and listened to. 


Curiosity leads to the strangest places and those places are often my favorite. The passion that drives us to experience, learn and create are heightened with the right person. That companionship is about excitement, romance and friendship that inspires a special lust for life, for something.. extraordinary.  


I believe that kink can be an avenue of release and catharsis and love nothing more than guiding those willing to a state of clarity and bliss. Guiding you with empathy and care, you'll shed the facade you wear on a daily basis and become one with your true self. I will be your new favorite sweetheart.

Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.

Roberto Bolaño